The Artists Series is a ground breaking documentary series following the top american fine artists.  The show is a mix of interview, music and innovative filmmaking.

Teaser for Episode One: Henry Asencio (2001)

Contemporary painter Henry Asencio has emerged as one of the most intriguing young artists working today. Avant-garde in execution, his work blends the classical ideals of figurative painting with a unique, contemporary style revered in his art.

The artist states, “ Painting for me is very cathartic and is the most articulate way for me to express my passion and internal dialogues.” Merging introspection and visual spectacle, Asencio’s personal investigations of feminity, spirituality and abstraction possess the power to transform today’s ideals of elegance and contemporary sensuality.

Teaser for Episode Two: Michael Flohr (2002)

When we look at the painting, Night Life,we understand that it’s a city night scene. We get that because of the suggestion of white linen tablecloths, the couple, arm in arm, out on the town, the glittering lights.

But what may not register immediately with us is what else we get, subliminally. Dynamics are imparted to us as we stand in front of the work of art that are hard to put into words. Small things. Triggers. Things that make us mindful of our own agendas and experiences.

A lot of Flohr’s work does that, primarily because of the nature of his style—the seeming brevity, the shorthand, the suggestion of imagery. We take it from there.

Teaser for Episode Five: Thomas Arvid (2005)

Thomas Arvid possesses an unerring ability to refine a moment. In doing so he captures our wonder and has become an art world phenomenon. Art Business News (May 2003) credits him with “launching a major art trend…” with his oversized still life compositions of wine and the rituals surrounding it. Arvid astounds viewers with the intricate details of his images and with his mastery of light, depth and reflection.

The magic of his painting is in Arvid’s ability to visualize and chronicle an entire scene beyond the frame – to tell a story of enjoyment and the good life – using lush color and adroit composition. Arvid is passionate about art and wine: a collector of both, he strives to capture the pleasure of a life well-lived on each canvas. An Atlanta resident and fresh-faced father of two young sons, the self-taught artist insists that wine should be approachable; his paintings are an embodiment of the casual way that we enjoy wine today. He is an appealing role model for a lifestyle of easy elegance and unpretentious charm.

Teaser for Episode Six: Steven Quartly (2006)

Born in San Diego in 1971, and growing up in the small town atmosphere of Novato, California, Steven Quartly has fond memories of his childhood years. The eldest of two children to Janet and Christopher Quartly, his mother a homemaker and his father owner of a life insurance company and an artist at heart, Steven remembers happy times from his early years, playing in the woods and in the trees on the hillside near their home with his sister Karyn.

Teaser for Episode Seven: Charles Pabst (2007)

A native of Santa Clara, California, Charles H. Pabst was the first of two children born to Edwin & Leota Pabst. His family had an appreciation for all things cultural – art, music and theater, and at an early age Charles picked up his grandmother’s watercolor paints and began painting what he saw.

As a young boy, his family traveled extensively, and their interest in travel helped develop young Charles’ fascination with the beauty of the outdoors. Charles continues to travel around the world, studying the landscapes and culture of the people, taking photographs of different scenes that capture his interest. Every year he picks a new destination to explore.